Carpet Cleaning – 10 Useful Stain Removal Techniques

Carpet stains can come from various sources. In order to maintain your carpet in good condition and remove stains effectively you need to know the different types of common carpet stains and how to remove each of them. This article will look to help you in that regard.


  1. Removing coffee stains is pretty simple. However, if the stain has dried and is quite old, it might be difficult for you to remove the stain completely. To remove coffee stains from a carpet, pour some baking soda into water and make a paste. Use the paste to cover the coffee stain. Once the paste has dried on the stain, scrub the paste using an old toothbrush. After the scrubbing is done, vacuum  the dried paste crumbs and your coffee stain is gone!
  2. For removing fruit juice stain, first, prepare a cleaning solution by mixing vinegar with water. Using a clean cloth, blot the juice stain with the cleaning solution. Allow the solution to settle on the carpet for 5 minutes. Using the clean cloth blot the stained area again, until the stain is completely transferred to the cloth. Once the stained is removed, use cold water to wash the cleaned area so that the cleaning solution is completely removed as well. Stains from wines or beer can be cleaned in the same way using a cleaning solution of vinegar and water.
  3. In order to remove stains from greasy food substances, first of all scrape off the substance as much as possible with a teaspoon. This should be done carefully so as to avoid smearing the greasy substance over the clean area of the carpet. Once the scraping is done, crush some oatmeal and simply sprinkle over the stained area. The crushes should be left for 30 minutes, after which the stain can be completely removed simply by using a vacuum cleaner to clean the oatmeal sprinkles.
  4. You can remove chocolate stains from a carpet using a combination of surgical spirit and detergent solution. Dampen a cloth with surgical spirit and apply it on the chocolate by gently pressing the dampened cloth over the stain. Once the stain is completely soaked with the spirit from the cloth, prepare a detergent solution by mixing carpet shampoo with water and apply the solution using the same cloth for surgical solution. You should now blot the stain soaked in surgical spirit and detergent solution with a damp kitchen towel. Spray water over the stain to remove any excess solution from the carpet. Now dry the carpet for 12 hours by putting a towel over the stained area and a heavy book or object. commercial cleaning services kitchener
  5. Chewing gums can permanently damage the carpet’s fiber if not removed the proper way. For removing chewing gum, put some ice cubes in a zip lock back and apply the bag over the chewing gum. Allow the bag to harden the chewing so that it can be easily scraped off. Once the chewing gum has hardened, carefully scrape the gum off the surface. Make sure you don’t pull too hard and damage the fiber. After the gum has been scraped off, simply clean the stained area with a detergent solution.
  6. For ink and water based paint spills, it is very important to prevent the paint from soaking into fresh areas. Put some glycerin on a paper towel and gently rub the affected area. Keep on blotting the area as long as the paint keeps coming off. Once the blotting is done, apply nail polish remover on a fresh dry towel and rub it onto the stained area for removing the residual stain. Apply a detergent solution on a foam and sponge the stained area to completely remove the stain. Using a kitchen towel, dry the carpet.
  7. You can easily remove nail polish stains from carpet using Hairspray. Simply put some spray over the stain and gently blot the affected area with a paper towel. This will work like magic and remove the stain faster than you expect.
  8. For removing stains from urine, apply some water over the stained area working from a little outside the circumference of the stain slowly to the center. Now, spray an enzymatic cleaner on the wet part of the carpet. Allow the cleaner to settle down and work for a few hours before dry the wet area with a kitchen towel and a heavy object.

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