Multi Purpose White Wicker Baskets

White wicker baskets are used for almost anything, for storing food products in the kitchen to keeping your babies clothes in them. The use of the baskets is endless and they can be a decorative piece in your house as well. The purpose of these baskets is to provide storage space and that too in style. Let us the see how these baskets are used by many people and for various purposes.

Wicker Baby Baskets

These are white wicker baskets which are made especially for babies. You can store your baby’s laundry in it or you could keep its food and eating related accessories in it. The milk bottle, the feeder, the spoons and the bibs, all can fit into these baskets very well. Sometimes these baskets have a lid and a handle. You could carry your baby’s belonging inside the wicker basket while you are travelling. As the basket has a broad opening, you can easily find your baby’s belongings in case of an emergency.

Wicker Laundry Baskets custom wicker basket flower basket willow b

Wicker baskets of a considerable large size can be used in keeping laundry inside your house. These beautifully crafted units are sometimes lined with fabric from inside. This will keep your clothes from getting damaged because of the hard wicker threads. You can keep laundry which is still to be washed in it or laundry which has just been washed and needs ironing and folding. You can also keep ironed clothes inside these beautiful storage units.

Wicker Kitchen Baskets

Your kitchen is incomplete without a wicker basket to keep breads and other counterparts of bread. You can keep your soup sticks and dry bread sticks in it. Decorate you dinning table with a small wicker basket in which you can arrange your breads. A fabric lining inside the wicker basket will prevent the crumbs from falling on your table or the kitchen top. These baskets have a broad space to keep fruits, vegetables and even frozen meat packets. You can easily take what you want from the basket without wondering what is kept inside a closed wicker box.

Wicker Sitting Room Baskets

You get these specially made wicker storage units in which you can arrange your pot pouri or dry fake flowers. This can act as a fantastic decorative piece in your living room and people will want to know where you got the basket from. These baskets are light it weight and can be picked up and kept in any location you want. The white colored baskets look elegant with any kind of furniture and hence will enhance the beauty of your living room. Visit the various websites on the internet to have a look at the types of wicker baskets available.



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