Southern Style BBQ Pork – Doin’ it the Right Way!

I was going to post on the history behind the Southern style BBQ pork which is so famous down South. I mean if you are in the South, BBQ is always pork. It is never beef. In fact, they will throw you out of the state if you try to order beef brisket, or steak, or Santa Maria style tri-tip. So in thinking and mulling over this post I figured that a lot of people do not even know the history behind the reason for the southern style BBQ pork which they do down there.

So I thought that I would start with an introduction on why they even chose  pasture raised pork pork to begin with. These animals were brought here from England and Bermuda for two reasons:

1) To raise food for the settlers
2) And sport.

The early settlers loved their sport which they brought with them from England and that was the sport of wild boar hunting. In some parts of our country we still do this today. Where I am from, the Paso Robles area of Caif., we have an area up around Lake Naciemento and Fort Hunter Liggett where they still do this every year.And of course we have all heard of the Arkansas Razorbacks. Well, the climate of Virginia was so suited for raising pigs that they just multiplied way too fast. They were so numerous that they settlers rounded them up and delivered them to an island in the James River. And this island is what came to be known as ‘HOG’S Island.”

Now these wild pigs were the main source of food for the early settlers because they were so numerous and easier to catch than wild game or fish. Now the Indians which were indigenous to the area had been smoking and curing meat, mainly venison, since long before the white man showed up and so they were the ones to teach us how to cure pork.

Now this is just the basic idea of how they came to doing Southern style BBQ pork down South. There were just way too many of the pigs and hogs down there. And it was just a whole lot easier to catch them than it was the wild game or the fish. Then the native Indians taught them how to cure and salt the meat down

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