Cheerful birthday to all the Saggy out there! Although just 1/12 of us have the Sun in Sagittarius, we will make all profit with this travel because the Sun will be enacting the space of our outline where there’s space to develop. 


With the Sun’s entrance into Sagittarius, we enter a time of idealism, brilliance, extension, and confidence. 


Sun in Sagittarius is a challenge to accept our interests and point higher, to pick opportunity over “holding tight,” and depend on our instinct any place it needs to take us.  sagittarius zodiac sign


There’s an investigator inside us, every one of us, regardless of whether we go on physical or mental investigations, the opportunity to examine and see THE POSSIBILITY and potential wherever is there, in every single one of us, holding back to be released. 


Sun in Sagittarius is here to instruct us that we can gain, as a matter of fact, and to go out into the wild; we need to “try to” make eccentrics our companion. 


Like the bowman, we need to point and give up. We are currently finding that when we pay attention to our gut, we usually take care of business at that time of heavenly center when we associate with the fire inside. 


Before very long, you have the heavenly green light to go for all sort of new encounters without stressing a lot (Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, is the ‘Incomparable Benefic,’ so you are in good hands) – so keep your eyes open and say “yes” to any surprising chances. Regardless of whether these are wild terrains or simply seeing the new – your heart will jump at the potential outcomes that lay past your usual range of familiarity. 


Be careful; however, many beneficial things can prompt refusal to see dangers or impediments. An excess of confidence and confidence can be a blade that cuts both ways – there is a risk to stall out in your mind for what you have faith in and the battle tooth to nail to get every other person to see it as well. 


Assessments can run exceptionally solid! Remember that is the point at which you’ve gotten sure of something; you’ve quit being available to learning. 


Somewhere inside, Sagittarius is an admirer of Truth, and openness and genuineness are his trademarks. Travel helps manage organizations of higher picking up, distributing organizations, law, sports, and experience. 


Exploit the Sun in Sagittarius’ infectiously eager way to deal with life and utilize the following weeks to discover some new information, pursue a class, take on a club, do something locally to help affect, spread positive energy, have a great time, and think ambitiously. 


Life is an excursion; I appreciate the ride!



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