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An Introduction to Investment Trusts – Emerging markets comparison

The Investment trust landscape within emerging markets across the globe is a fascinating and diverse environment, offering long-term investors the opportunity to see significant returns. For example, reports from a range of Investment Trust managers indicate that over the past decade the average global emerging markets investment trust has returned 461pc (The Telegraph Online, 16/09/2011).

It is argued that this is because emerging markets are currently in a much better position than their Western counterparts due to their typically higher fiscal reserves and lower levels of debt, as well as strong macroeconomic trends.

Investing in emerging markets is therefore potentially advantageous through an investment trust. However it is important to remember that it is emerging market funds which are held only as part of a diverse investment portfolio that have seen the safest returns in recent times, primarily for investors who invest for the long-term.

Here we take an introductory look at the Investment Trust landscape within a selection of key emerging markets.

South America: Ryan Kavanaugh

Countries within South America have arguably seen the greatest change of all emerging markets and Investment Trust activity has grown recently.

For example, the stock exchange integration between Colombia, Chile and Peru, which made it the second largest equity exchange in the region, has drastically altered the landscape within the region, especially as Mexico and other countries have also stated their desire to join.

The major cities throughout the region are also increasingly showing signs of becoming key international destinations for business and tourism due to large-scale improvement in local infrastructure, a trend with the potential to yield economic benefits for foreign investors. For example, Colombia’s real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew by about 6.0% year-on-year in 2011, while inflation ended 2011 at less than 4%, facilitating a generally optimistic economic outlook.

Certain areas within the region also display a forward-thinking mind-set towards energy production and consumption with a focus on efficiency which, combined with significant growth in production volumes, should create a healthy future investment environment.

South-east Asia

South East Asiahas experienced large scale economic change over the past decade. Providing the potential for real growth across many developing markets, this dynamic region has become an attractive modern investment arena.

Economies in Southeast Asia have been growing faster than in many developed countries such as North America and Japan as well as nations within Western Europe. They have also outperformed many of their emerging market counterparts which has been reflected in a steady increase in Investment Trust activity throughout the area.

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