The Meaning of Anthropology

What is Anthropology?

Anthropology is one of many sciences studied today. It is actually considered a social science and it deals mainly with origins, social customs, and beliefs of human beings. However, it has been said to have origins in the humanities and natural sciences departments. The term “anthropology” is derived from anthroposa Greek work, which means “man.” Like all sciences, it ends with ology, which comes of the Greek word logiawhich means “study.” Basically, anthropology deals with the definition of human life and the origin.

How did humans come about? Who are our true ancestors? How did they survive? These are some of the many questions anthropologists face today as they continue to dig deeper into the past. They are dedicated to answering the question of so many who are curious as to how human beings are alive today.

Anthropology sub-fields.

There are 4 sub-fields of Anthropology. The first one is cultural anthropology, which studies different cultures and their ethnography. Ethnography is a method of studying or doing research which can include using a monograph or a book. It relies, however, heavily on participant observation. Mark Hauser

The second sub-field is archaeology which is the study of human, material culture by the use of artifacts. Archaeologists work closely alongside with anthropologists and are primarily called upon, to conduct excavations of historical sites like ancient cities or ruins. The third sub-field is linguistic anthropology, which deals with the languages that were spoken, verbal or non-verbal. Researchers know that no one back then spoke the same language, but were able to communicate in some way by the use of non-verbal signals.

Every culture that developed and grew had their own specific language, and those who study linguistic anthropology seek to understand the process of these communications and how different cultures interacted with one another. The fourth and final sub-field is called physical or biological anthropology. This field deals with the behaviors, concepts, and ideas of different cultures and if they shared them with each other. It is particularly essential to note that all this field relates with one another is some way given how people developed over periods of time, and what researchers have discovered.

Important figures

This study has had a number of famous people throughout its history. The term first appeared in 1593 though it is unknown as to who first used the word. In 1772, philosopher Immanuel Kant, began teaching an annual anthropology course and was the first person to write an anthropology book. Marco Polo’s studies and observations of many things like anthropology and nature have led some to refer to him as the “father of anthropology.”


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